purpose of a pipe cutting machine

Just because there are many different types of pipes, you wouldn’t find only one type of pipe cutting machine. Before you go out looking for a pipe cutting machine, you first need to know more about them. That’s how you can be able to select the right one for your kind of job. The purpose of a pipe cutting machine is better explained on the basis of the different types of machines.

· Copper tubing cutters which are meant only for cutting through copper pipes.

· PVC cutters which are best for cutting PVC pipes. You can use it to cut through both light and thick PVC materials.

· ABS cutters for cutting ABS pipes. You no longer need a course saw to cut through ABS pipes. The ABS pipe cutting machine is basically a saw. That means you must clean inside the pipe after cutting to remove the dirt from the cutting process.

· Iron and galvanized pipe cutting machine is used on iron pipes. Since steel is a very tough material, this cutting tool have a thicker and stronger cutting wheel.

· Cast iron (soil) snap cutters are use on clay, cast iron, clay, and concrete pipes. You only need to squeeze the tool enough and the pipe will snap off with an even cut.

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